Pinnwand der Vereinigung Deutscher Starbootflotten

Titel: 8110 zu verkaufen! 
Datum: 23.02.2013 16:53 
Beschreibung: Star 8110 for sale

Fast proven racing boat, built in late 2002, previously owned by Mark Mansfield and used for Olympic games in 2004. I got the boat directly after the olympics 2004, sailed many local regattas successfully as well international regattas (as Kiel Week or Europeans). Hans Spitzauer and myself used the 8110 as a spare boat during the Olympic campaign for 2008. Afterwards the boat was used only on local regattas. It was always maintained well, always kept in winter as well as in summer in a dry storage.

Selling price (with the following materials): 12.900 EUR

Contact: Christian Nehammer,
Pictures available upon request, the boat is currently located at Attersee

Additional Materials:
- 2 Emmeti masts (one racing mast, one spare mast)
- 1 Emmeti boom
- 1 Whisker Pole
- 1 set of Quantum sails
- Many training sails (Nova & Raudaschl)
- Boat cover for transport
- Balbi trailer (2004)

Special Features for sailing:
- Ramps for shrouts
- Under deck Forestay (allows jib to hoist more than one meter over the deck)
- Optimized downwind mast position (mast position in the deck)
- Maststay can be adjusted during upwind sailing (!)
- Backstay changed to Lillia system (between crew and helm)
- Optimized for olympic campaign in 2008 (by Hans Spitzauer / Christian Nehammer)

Boat Maintenance:
- All ropes according to new technological standards and working optimal
- Hull maintained and optimized by Folli (2010)
- Balbi Trailer maintained by Harbeck on a yearly basis

Racing Track record:
- European Champion 2003
- World Championship 3rd 2003
- Olympic games 2004
- 6th Preolympics 2007
- Austrian Vice Champion (2 times)
- 4th at 7th District Championship in 2011 (Lake Balaton)
- Many local regattas 1st place in the last years 
Vorname: Christian 
Nachname: Nehammer 
E-Mail Adresse: 
Telefon: 436646639011 
Alias: id-8110-zu-verkaufen